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#1 2022-08-05 01:41

Does anyone know how to hide some morph?

There are so many morph in some models and some morph are just some part of other morph and I'd like to hide these in mikumikudance. Does anyone know how to achieve this?

I find that the panel of some of my morph is empyt, however I do not know how to make my selfmade morph be the same like those(these empty morph will not shown in mikumikudance)

2022-08-05 06:09

There is a tab in PMXEditor called Display.
Display decides what is being displayed in MMD.
Display has different groups for the different bones,
but all morphs should be in one morph group.

Select the morphs group, then on the right select the morphs you want to hide and delete them.
They will only be deleted from the display, they will still exist on the model.

Likewise, if you want to add a morph to the display,
open the morph group, select the morph
in the drop down menu on the left and click add.

Totally unrelated, but you seem like you are new to MMD.
I made a tutorial collection, which might help you in the future.

2022-08-06 05:37

There's a fast way to hide morphs:

1. Open Blender (if you have this blender)

2. Load your model where you're trying to edit and then open Menu or Ctrl+N.

3. Go to (Morph Tools - Tab) and there's 5 categories; Material, UV, Bone, Vertex, Group

4. Pick any morphs you want to hide and select one of 5 opinions from right side that nears scrolling; Hidden, Eye Brow, Eye, Mouth, Other.

5. Once done, save it and that's it.

2022-08-06 06:00

I forgot to add about URL video for blender to watch. That's MMD tools add-ons which is used for blender to import a model.


Hope if this helps you.

2022-08-16 08:51

I guess you can remove on pmxeditor by deleting it on the e Morph tab. Don't know about hiding though.