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#1 2022-09-28 02:34

Switching computers

Quick question. I have some PMM files that work on 1 computer, but I cannot get them to work on any other computer. If I pull the PMM and model data from one computer to the other, MMD just crashes when it tries to load motions for just about any japanese model. However, if I move those files back to the original computer MMD can still load those files just fine. However, I can create entirely new PMMS using the same models that crash MMD on my new computer.
TLDR: PMM's load just fine on the computer that originally created them, but I can't get them to transfer. What do?

2022-09-28 02:37

Quick addition: I have downloaded japanese language set and enabled Japanese Locale on all computers.

2022-09-28 03:07

Not sure if it works but maybe try the following and see which one solve the problem
1) reinstall MMD
2) transfer the mmd file from your old computer
3) add English name for your models in pmxe
These are just guesses. I hope it works.

2022-09-28 03:22

I had already tried these and these do not help.

2022-09-28 12:59

Maybe it's DirectX related? Or you're missing some dlls? But then assuming that you can save new pmms it might not be the case.
Or it could be MME related. Does your other computer have that?
Again it's just guesses so it might be the same cuz that seems to be the answer from Google.

2022-09-28 13:55

I appreciate you trying to help, but I have clearly tried the basics. I've already tried everything I could find on google.

2022-09-28 20:12

Ok so, what I do in those cases is, since MMD is looking for a now not-matching folder adress (like c:/users/yourname/mmd just to put an example), MMD attempt to locate that. By failing to do so, MMD prompts you to relocate the model, however, since MMD is pretty messed up on the code side this will not always work and MMD oftenly crashes here, you can attempt 2 different things:
On the new PC, Load the .PMM file directly trough the windows file explorer and, when prompted to which app to use, link it to your MMD exe file, then MMD should prompt to locate the model as always (the reason why this works is because you haven't opened MMD and are not trying to load the .pmm file with MMD open, for some reason this tends to work pretty often).

If that didn't helped you could go the long way, which is transfer your models to a specific external device, so the route is shorter, something like D:/MMD/model just to put an example, then, open that on the old PC and save so the .pmm seeks for the model on the external drive now, then, put it on the new PC and attempt to open it again, this time the file location being on both pcs the same now

Hope I made myself clear and this helps! The first one is the method I used back when my first HDD died and I had to move it to a different one.

2022-09-29 02:48

You are a god. You are a hero! Thank you @KiruNeru!